A business development coach (BDC) helps with the day-to-day operations of a business. They provide feedback, advice, training, and education to set their clients up for success. They also make suggestions for a company’s vision, growth, and objectives.

To help businesses grow and reach their full potential, they use a variety of tools such as coaching sessions and webinars to motivate their clients and provide them with specific advice on how to improve on their current situation.

The global market for business coaching is anticipated to reach $20 billion by 2022, with an average annual growth rate of 6.7 percent from 2019 to 2022.

BDCs are essential in helping businesses to achieve their goals. They help companies by understanding their needs and creating plans to achieve them.

What skills should a Business Development Coach have?


When you’re a BDC, your role is to help small and medium-sized businesses grow. This involves everything from finding new customers to managing the growth of your company. The skillset of being a BDC includes understanding what it means to be a business owner and building relationships with your clients.

But that’s not all, you also need to have excellent listening skills to understand what your client needs from you and then delivering it in the most effective way possible. They are also important for understanding language barriers and cultural differences so that you can create an effective strategy for each individual client.

At Hewett Agency Services we understand that listening is one of the most important qualities that you should have to become a Business Development Coach, because, without it, you aren’t able to understand what the client wants or needs.

Ask intelligent questions

One of the skills you should focus on is effective questioning.

Intelligent questioning can help a business development coach to deepen the learning process of clients and teach them how to ask better questions.

If you are looking for an entry-level BDC position or if you are an experienced veteran of the industry, it is important that you possess these skills.

Be Encouraging and Supporting

A company looking for a BDC should look for these two qualities.

Goal Setting

Goal Setting is a quality that you need to develop and enhance as a BDC. It is also an important trait for entrepreneurs, sales professionals, and anyone else who wants to be successful in their career.

Goal setting is an effective technique that helps with many aspects of our life, such as staying motivated, achieving goals faster, dealing with stress during difficult times, and managing emotions.

A BDC will provide you with strategies that will help you reach your goals as well as assist you in reaching them faster and more effectively.

Give feedback

Business Development coaches help businesses grow and develop by giving them feedback, and also step up their game in terms of marketing.

At Hewett Agency Services our BDCs are experts in helping businesses grow and develop by giving them feedback and ideas on how to improve their business. Being a Business Development Coach requires a particular skill set which is why sometimes it is difficult for people to find a coach on their own.


The quality of empathy has a big impact on business development professionals because they need to understand the perspective of their clients better to develop a strategy for them. BDCs help their clients figure out the solution they want and make sure it’s attainable for them.

Having empathy is a quality that you must have as a BDC if you want to be able to understand others, interact with them effectively, and provide them with guidance so they may succeed.


Intuition is another skill that you need to be successful in this industry. It is the ability to understand your customer’s needs and also think creatively when it comes to solving these problems.

In any business, intuition is an essential quality that can’t be replicated through smart algorithms or analytics. Intuition lets you connect with people on how they feel, which helps you provide them with necessary solutions.

Establishing expectations

A strong BDC will establish expectations during the initial stages of a coaching relationship, which will act as a foundation for what the coach expects from the client.

Helping companies set up effective performance plans

One of the most powerful skills that a BDC would have is setting up an effective performance plan. This entails identifying the strengths, weaknesses, and goals of the business and then working with them to create an actionable plan.

A Business Development Coach sets up an effective performance plan by structuring a clear vision for the company’s success and then identifying what will be needed along the way to achieve that success.

Developing employee engagement strategies

Business development coaches figure out how to develop employee engagement strategies. They help companies with brainstorming, employee engagement, and other topics of business development.

The ability to understand current market conditions and trends

As a BDC, it is essential to understand the market and the trends to help clients grow their businesses.

Business Development Coaches help entrepreneurs and business owners by providing insights about their target market and creating strategies for them to achieve success.

Being able to negotiate effectively with clients or vendors

BDCs can help companies negotiate with vendors or clients and get the best deals. They can provide the company with a competitive edge against its competitors while ensuring that they have access to as much information as possible about the industry.


At Hewett Agency Services our Business development coaches work with executives across different industries and can help them achieve their goals and be successful.

The role of a BDC is extremely important in any company. The coaches can help the company make better decisions by understanding and implementing the best strategy for their business.

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As a BDC, it is essential to have a natural talent for building relationships with people and providing them with solutions. To be able to carry out this task successfully, you must identify what your clients want and make them happy by giving them what they need.

At Hewett Agency Services we fulfill your business development requirements to give your company the extra edge. Drop us a line today to arrange a chat.