Essentially, business development consultants are hired by companies to assist them in making decisions that further the company’s growth potential into new markets, increase revenue, improve efficiency, or make better use of resources. The use of business consultants in the United States is on the rise, with 6,688 businesses in California alone using their services.

Consultants in business development typically work with companies that are looking for assistance in areas such as:

At Hewett Agency Services our business consultants will aid you in the follow tasks, ensuring nothing but success for your business.

Business Development Consultants Need Research

As business development consultants, Hewett Agency Services help our clients to grow their businesses. Our job is to identify new opportunities and find the right solution for them.

Some people (and even some consulting firms!) confuse a business development consultant with a management consultant. They are in different fields, and often used at different lifecycle stage in overall development.

Research Identifies Needs in Consulting

Once we find some potential leads, we will analyze them further and see if they are real business opportunities or not.

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Our final step is to come up with a plan of action which includes identifying the best approach to take for each opportunity, set a definitive deadline with clients, and develop an outline for execution of the plan of action.

Think Strategically

Business development consultants are often involved in helping companies execute projects that require a lot of planning and preparation. They have to work with business owners, strategists, and accountants to plan for their company’s future.

However, they need to be able to see the bigger picture more than just what’s happening at the moment. Consultants in the business development field should have a clear understanding of the market and how much competition there is to set objectives so they can achieve their client’s goals in the future.

Understand Client’s Products – Inside and Out

Business development consultants should have a thorough understanding of their client’s products or services because they help clients understand business and how to improve it. That’s why they often need to be customer-centric.

There are several ways that a business development consultant can make sure that they understand their client’s product or service. They include talking with the client, conducting research, and meeting with the client’s employees.

Just as important as these methods is listening to the customer during meetings and asking clarifying questions when necessary. Another way that business development consultants can make sure that they understand their client’s products or services is by using marketing materials like infographics and data visualizations.

At Hewett Agency Services we want to know as much about your business as you do.

Train Members of Your Team

This process also involves taking care of the marketing, sales, and PR aspects of the new business relationship.

To ensure that this process is carried out efficiently, it helps to have our business development consultants at your disposal.

Business development consultants can help you decide on which training is best suited for your company and give recommendations on how to structure it.

They can also work with members of your team who lack experience in these skillsets by providing them with one-to-one coaching or group coaching sessions to improve their performance and knowledge base.

Liaise Through Finance Teams

As needed, the consultants hired for business development will communicate with the finance, warehousing, and logistics divisions. They also provide input on new processes and find areas where improvements can be made.

Find Opportunities for Development

A great business development consultant looks for opportunities in a target market and presents them to their clients. They offer guidance on how best to take advantage of these opportunities about a specific product, service, or organization.

The goal of business development consulting at Hewett Agency Services is not just about finding new opportunities, but also about turning them into a successful venture for the client’s company.

Identify Trends in Business Development Consulting

A business development consultant will often take on the role of identifying trends for their clients. These trends could be in a specific industry, a product category, or even a certain geographic region.

Business development consultants often have to be open-minded and able to think out of the box when it comes to identifying trends for their clients.

They must have an understanding of the industry they are working with and how it is changing over time while also staying up-to-date with current events that may affect their particular client and industry.

Establish Relationships

To establish relationships with the potential customer groups for their client’s businesses, a business development consultant will work closely with senior-level executives in the companies they are targeting.

They use these executives as “anchors” who can introduce them to other stakeholders within those organizations who might be interested in speaking about the client’s products and services.

Analyze Risks and Rewards

When it comes to business risk, there are many different scenarios, and some are more likely than others. You can expect a business development consultant from Hewett Agency Services to help their clients identify the most likely risks and mitigate them with effective solutions.

They identify the strengths and weaknesses of a product, both in terms of its benefits and side effects, to ensure that the risk is manageable.

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As businesses expand their operations outside of their home nation, some things must be properly controlled to prevent potential hazards.

Help to Plan Sales Campaigns

Business development consultants help to develop a sales process, and sales campaign, for their clients. Our professional services firm has a lot of experience in helping their clients reach out to target audiences across multiple platforms.

They provide an insight into the competitive market and help the company to formulate strategies on how they can gain a strong foothold in the market.

Business development consultants are also known as business relations specialists or trade promoters. These business development activities are critical for continued growth.

They research prospects, build relationships with customers and suppliers, and are responsible for conducting market research that will ultimately aid in developing sales strategies and tactics.

The role of a business development consultant is very important because it allows them to identify potential buyers for a company’s products or services.

Conclusion | Business Development Consulting in a Nutshell

A business development consultant is someone who helps a company create and implement a successful business plan. They are often an essential part of the company’s decision-making process, especially when there is an issue with their product or service that affects the overall company goals.

They can help in understanding the risks associated with each product/service before they go into production or implementation. They can also help determine the best course of action to take for each risk.

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A business development consultant’s job is critical to any company’s success because they have a detailed understanding of what works and what doesn’t work in different sectors. Their job also involves assessing risks and recommending solutions, so their skill set is very broad.

At Hewett Agency Services we help you with all of the above and more. Drop us a line for a chat today and let’s lift your business higher, together. Professional services firms that prove their worth are tough to find.