It’s important to hire a business coach when one is needed. I cannot stress this enough. No matter how smart you are, how much research you’ve done, and how much work you’ve put into your business, you’re still vulnerable to simple, human mistakes. You cannot do it all.

A business coach will not only help spot these mistakes before it’s too late, they’ll also help refine your vision, keep you on track, and guide you through the challenges of being an entrepreneur.

Simply Having A Plan Isn’t Really Strategic Planning

For many new business owners, the biggest problem isn’t raw knowledge, effort, or diligence. Instead, their lack of experience prevents them from noticing their own shortcomings.

This often manifests in the form of a lack of real strategic planning. New entrepreneurs will have well-crafted, well-researched plans for long-term growth. Instead of refining these through a formal strategic planning session, however, they’ll simply advance under the notion that their ideas are sufficient.

Sometimes, this is the case. More often than not, however, these entrepreneurs find that their plans have holes, weaknesses, and errors that prevent them from working as they anticipated.

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Finding out that you underestimated the cost of materials or labor, that your competitors are bigger than you thought, or that the clever little trick you thought would give you an edge simply doesn’t work can stop your plan dead in its tracks.

Strategic planning sessions won’t catch these errors all the time, but they’ll definitely reduce the chances that they occur. By getting more than one person in on your planning session and creating an atmosphere where other people can speak up and raise questions, you’ll see your research and assumptions challenged before lots of money is at stake. Even when your plans are well put together, you’ll often find that the sorts of challenges and questions other people raise can help you refine your strategies and crush the competition.

The Known Unknowns vs. Unknown Unknowns

The concept of “degrees of ignorance” is incredibly important when you’re in charge of a business. There are things you know, things you don’t know, and things you don’t know that you don’t know. This is why it’s so vital to surround yourself with people with valuable experience in different sectors, fields, and specializations.

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If you’re not aware that a problem could even exist, you’ll never take the first steps to prevent it from ruining your profits.

Hewett Agency Services’ business coaches can’t tell you everything you don’t know, but they can certainly put you on the right track.

Not only will their broad experience with other businesses help them inform you of obstacles you might not have thought of, their “zoomed-out” perspective can help them simplify problems you’ve been overcomplicating. It’s super normal for new business owners to get caught up in the X-Y problem. They know they want X, so they try to achieve it by doing Y. Doing Y is difficult, however, and they find themselves jumping through lots of hoops and spending colossal amounts of resources trying to achieve Y.

In reality, they could have skipped doing Y entirely and simply gotten X a different way. A business coach can help you identify when you’re falling victim to this common trap, saving you untold man-hours and lots of money by streamlining things with simple, direct solutions.

It’s Okay To Be Wrong. We Usually Are.

When you’re a new business owner, it often seems like everything you do has to be correct. A good business coach will help you free yourself from this mental block and give you the space you need to act.

Doing the right thing for your business often means being willing to take appropriate risks, try things out, and sometimes spend a bit more money to get things done right. On your own, it’s sometimes difficult to step outside of the safe, correct decisions you want to make and do the thing that’s best for long-term sustainable growth. Other times, you’ll find yourself compromising your principles or agreeing to suggestions that can hurt your business.

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A business coach will help analyze these decisions and will give you the support you need to say no to things you don’t need and try out things that might not help your bottom line in the short term. Even if you don’t win 100% of the time, you’ll get plenty of new information, new ideas, and you’ll avoid stagnating while the competition around you blooms.

Having Accountability Can Be Tough

Being a business owner is full of lots of tough decisions and unpleasant conversations. When you’re on your own, it’s difficult to hold your own feet to the fire and get these things done quickly. Sure, you’ll do them eventually, but that can mean days or weeks of lost revenue and squandered opportunities.

Having a coach means you’ll be accountable to someone other than yourself. You’ll have to explain to your business coach why you didn’t fire your unproductive cousin, switch to a new supplier, or perform that long audit of those records you’ve been worried about. In many cases, this means you’ll get it done a lot faster.

Don’t Reinvent The Wheel. Seriously.

You’ve got lots of valuable skills and knowledge as an entrepreneur. You don’t, however, know everything. Hewett Agency Services’ business coaches have spent years studying the things that make businesses successful.

They’ve got practical, hands-on experience working with businesses of different sizes in many different markets and niches. This gives them the insight, knowledge, and experience that they need to help you get your business on the right track.

Hire a Business Coach Today

Building a business involves hiring expert professionals to perform the jobs you can’t do yourself.

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Our business coaches are the expert professionals you’re looking for when it comes to keeping your business on the right track. When it comes to strategic planning, identifying your problems, filling your knowledge gaps, and keeping you accountable, they’ve got what it takes.

A Hewett Agency Services business coach can help you with every step of the process. They’ll be able to help you prepare for your planning session, get the right people involved, and help participate by being an active member of the conversation. Because of their experience as business coaches, they’ll have a different perspective on your strategies than the people close to you.

They’ll be able to suggest tactics that have worked for previous clients in both your niche and totally different sectors, giving you a vast menu of options you can use to tackle your problems.