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It seems rather logical that startup organizations would be able to solve their own problems, however, this is usually not the case.

A look from the outside in is often what’s needed to truly see things for what they really are. Bias easily forms from the inside, and creates a shroud over things. In my experience, these ‘road blocks’ are literally impossible for some within the organization to see.

Other times, the problems are transformed into something they actually are not. Emotions or politics can also get in the way of challenging or controversial projects.

Startups in Business Require the Right Skillsets

Sometimes a special set of skills is needed by an external agency for the mere fact that these skills don’t exist inside their organization.

Other times, our clients simply need to seek advice for which direction they should be moving in. Is it time to shift to an aggressive growth phase? Should retention be the main model of operations? Why is my e-commerce business failing?

All of these questions and more have been answered by Dale in a way that allows the business owner to understand the challenge, and see the way ahead. Removing key points of friction before they happen will save you.

Ready to Take the Next Steps for Success?

Want to schedule your free consultation with Dale? During this consultation, you’ll work on painting the complete picture of your current scenario. This will help drive successive actions and future plans.

It’s 30 minutes in length, and packed with valuable information. There is no pressure to commit to anything at all. This is simply to get a feel of how the processes Hewett Agency Services utilizes work, and gauge if you think you’re a good fit.

You can also call to schedule an initial consultation.

Strategic Planning

Planning is the basis of management. If an organization has excellent planning considerations, this will undoubtedly show through excellent management techniques.

Team Development

Rarely is anything worth-while accomplished by one individual. The foundations of leadership depend upon the successful outcomes of effectively managing teams of people.

Systems Development

Every process you conduct should have a well greased system in place. You cannot do everything, all the time. Systems help alleviate the time constraints that come with a lot of work.

Leadership Coaching

After plans have been recommended by consulting teams, the work is only beginning. If the consulting was a great fit for your organization, consider hiring a follow-on coach to further aid in possible areas of improvement.

Hire Dale Hewett, Experienced Start Up Consultant

Dale possesses a wide variety of skills and experience to best help your organization. The basis of skills offered stems from a military background in consulting and working with foreign agencies, and adds additional business world experience to give the finishing touch to our programs.

Dale has been a part of the startup process for three of his own different companies. He has a keen eye for forecasting and planning around events that are sure to stop you dead in your tracks.

Education and Background

Bachelor’s Degree in Business Management

Master of Science in Leadership Psychology

Success with Multiple Startups

Ex United States Military Officer

Reviews from Other Startup Business Owners

Common Questions About Experienced Business Consultants

Schedule your initial consultation. 

After this, a plan of action will be developed with recommendations from you/your team, and Dale.

Once all initial steps are completed, and both parties agree that it’s a good fit, the coaching/consulting will begin.

Dale charges a rate of $325 per hour. Depending on the scope of work, this charge can be transformed into a total project cost, instead of an hourly rate.

You will first schedule an initial consultation, which is free.

Shortly after this, you and Dale will work on a plan to move forward. This involves both how you want to integrate Dale into your work flow, and an overall plan of action for your business.

Once this is figured out, the consulting services will being.

It can be either.

Typically, people start with virtual business startup consulting services.

If it’s a good fit for both parties, you can continue with virtual meetings, or opt for in person meet ups, too.

*Additional rates may apply for in-person consulting services.

Starting Your Own Business is No Joke!

In general, there are two ways to go into business: you can either franchise an existing brand or company or start your own business from scratch. Either way, starting your own business is no joke – it requires planning, research, preparation, resources, knowledge, skills, and wisdom.

Now, if you have a great, unique, and relevant business idea, you can decide to establish your own startup or new business capitalizing on the idea that you have. Though it may seem easy, the startup process could be very challenging, especially for new entrepreneurs.

An excellent way to minimize, anticipate, identify, and address the challenges that you could face during the initial stages of your new business is to seek learning and guidance from reliable experts in the field of startups. Hiring a startup consultant or getting the services of a startup consulting company could greatly help you in establishing a future successful and profitable business.

Consider Startup Consulting Programs

When you choose to go through startup consulting programs, you will be able to learn from expert startup consultant/s who know the nitty-gritty of establishing a startup or a new business. These consultants have years and years of experience, training, and achievements that prove their competitiveness in the field.

Hiring a startup consultant to help in the process of setting up and running the business is often overlooked by most new entrepreneurs. However, most of them have fallen into the trap of miscalculating risks, misjudging the market, missing the point of their business idea, or committing the usual mistakes of startups.

Remember, it is better to start prepared and ready than to start with a losing hand and a improper mindset. Listed below are the benefits of startup consulting programs in helping set up your new business.